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What are the ways to remove stains on stainless steel kitchenware?

The use of stainless steel kitchenware is very common in our daily life because we often buy some stainless steel cups or stainless steel basins. However, when we use stainless steel products, we often encounter a problem, that is, stainless steel can cause stains. Therefore, today I will show you how to quickly remove stains on stainless steel kitchenware.
1. Use boiling water and salt to clean the kitchenware. The cleaning effect is similar to that of baking soda.

2. Use overnight tea to clean kitchen utensils. The cleansing effect of overnight tea is very strong, whether it is oil stains or other stains, most of them can be removed after soaking for a period of time

3. In the case of cleaning kitchenware, prepare a few more cleaning tools. In addition to rags, it is better to prepare some cleaning balls and loofah in advance. In many cases, it is more convenient to use loofah and cleaning balls to remove oil stains.

4. Cleaning the dishes with baking soda powder (the kind used for baking noodles) also has a certain effect on removing oil stains, but the cleaning effect is better than overnight tea.

5. Brush the bowl with toothpaste. The cost of this method is relatively high, but the stain removal ability of toothpaste is still very powerful, and the removal effect for oil stains and tea stains is more significant.

6. The easiest way is to use the same day’s rice water to clean the kitchenware, wash the rice before meals, and clean the tableware after the meal. The kitchenware engineering rice washing water can not only clean the tableware as white as new, but also save water, and finally clean it with water. That's it.